Services we offer

  • Real-time Energy Monitoring

    Looking for a better way to control energy use and demand at your facility? How about real-time visibility and access of energy consumption data before you receive your utility bill? Would you like to see if your renewable energy resources are performing as expected?

    Greenview's Energy Monitoring services provides all of these aspects and much more for any energy type for any building, campus, municipal or commercial property. Our services cover every step in the energy monitoring process from design and meter implementation to the data collection and display interface. Contact us for more information and the solutions for your energy monitoring needs.
  • Web-based Energy Consumption Software

    Our web-based energy consumption software provided in software as a service (SAS) model is a proven, reliable solution for viewing, analyzing and controlling your energy output. If you already have metering and sensors in place but don't have the right software, this is the service for you. Greenview's system includes back-end database support and front-end user interfaces. Contact us for more information and a demo of our real-time solution.
  • Northwrite System Integrator

    Greenview is a trusted integrator of the Northwrite Energy Expert systems and products.


Campuses, Hospitals and other commercial building consumption can be measured in building level as well as sub metering level.

Industrial Sites

Measure Energy loads including heating, cooling systems and other utilities. Connect diverse loads and model them using analytics.


Modelling and forecasting of renewable generation. Outage prediction.

Recent Projects