We know Energy Data

Continuing on Greenview's 7 year history in the Energy Monitoring and Analytics business, Greenview integrates innovative technologies into it's products. Greenview Technology uses emerging machine learning techniques to model the energy consumption of buildings. The historical energy consumption data and local weather data as well as other factors are used to create a mathematical model of the building. Then this model is used to obtain realtime actionable insights(Anomaly detection/Threshold Alerts) as well as energy consumption forecasts. This system is completely automated without need of any human intervention. The digested data is displayed in an understandable and usable manner to the authorized personnel. Facility managers find greenview technology to be helpful in identifying faults, reducing energy waste and planning purposes.

Load Forecasting

Greenview uses energy consumption indicators like weather and occupancy to predict the energy consumption of buildings.

Focused on the Modern Grid

As more and more renewables get connected to the power grid. Greenview has the capability to monitor and increase stability of the grid.

Cutting Edge Analytics

From measuring building performance to tracking sustainablity goals, Greenview's modern Analytics suite is capable of providing cost effective ways to achieve organizational goals.